Napkin Venture is comprised of business specialists ready to engage you and help take the fear of getting your business to the next level. Our entrepreneurial team has been there, done that and has many the t-shirts to prove it!

  • So you have an idea on a Napkin?

    You have a great idea. Now what? Napkin Venture helps people with ideas, yes even people with ideas on napkins, take it to the next level. What do you think you will need? Business legal documents? We can help with that. We can also help with Branding & Identity services like logo design. Our team are proven business experts and can offer you hands on business consulting. We offer comprehensive consulting on things like chosing a business model, business plan basics, and basic funding. You even get to learn how to pitch your business or product during pitch week! If you just started a business or thinking about it, we can help you make the right decisions to get going.


Things are getting spruced up around here! Our website is under Re-construction. Email us in the meantime:

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